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 Jailbreak Johnny The Fox  Birmingham 1976 vinyl PICTURE DISK - The Boys Are Back In Town

 July 11th 1976  November 1st 1976  Jailbreak - MEXICO  Leeds University Nov 6th 1976

 Blues Boy in Edinburough  1976  Dublin 1976 Smokin' Amsterdam -- Oct 10th 1976  Sheffield 1976

 Chicago 1976  Jailbreak In Dimension 5 -- Chicago 1976 + BBC 1973  Chicago 1976 Hammersmith Odeon July 11th 1976

 Hammersmith July 11th 1976 Remembering - Vol 1 Rock City --- Detroit May 14th 1976 Rock City --- Detroit May 14th 1976

 Newcastle 1976   November 10th 1976

PHILIP LYNOTT with opening act CLOVER

 PHILIP w/opening act CLOVER  PHILIP w/opening act CLOVER
Bradford, November 10th 1976


 Thin Lizzy SESSIONS 1975-78


 DVD's 1976 TV

Please note:

During his short life Philip Lynott, working with many other great musicians, left behind an
incredible legacy of powerful, unique, and touching music. Unfortunately much of this music is
not very well known. I have created these pages with the hope of correcting that oversight.

Because there is some overlap between sections a few items appear in more than one.
Most vinyl listings are items that did NOT also get released in CD format. As with previous versions
of this page you can click on cover art for track listings and important notes about that particular release.

Because these pages are historical documents which attempt to list
every recording EVER in circulation and related to Philip Lynott,
Thin Lizzy or other members of his bands, most of these are currently
out-of-print and are no longer available.

Be sure to also check out my TEXT discography pages, as some items for which I do not have cover art
are not listed on the WALL pages, but do appear elsewhere.


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