THIN LIZZY  Jailbreak In Dimension 5

Live in Chicago April 16th, 1976
at the Riviera Theater
and Europe 1972 or 1973

Blue Knight Records BKR 015

Jailbreak (Lynott) 4:46
The Boys Are Back In Town (Lynott) 5:20
Emerald (Gorham/Robertson/Downey/Lynott) 3:54
It's Only Money (Lynott) 3:52 [Cover says: It's Only Memory]
Blues Boy (Lynott/Robertson) 4:39
Warrior (Lynott/Gorham) 4:31
Rosalie (Bob Seger) 5:21
Suicide(Lynott) 5:05
Angel From The Coast (Lynott/Robertson) 3:31
Sha-La-La (Lynott/Downey) 6:53
Baby Drives Me Crazy (Lynott/Gorham/Downey/Robertson) 8:03
The Rocker (Lynott/Downey/Eric Bell) 3:41
Gonna Creep Up On You (3:25)
Little Girl In Bloom (4:47)
Vagabonds of the Western World (4:34)

The Band: Chicago - tracks 1-12
April 16th, 1976.

Phil Lynott: bass & vocals
Scott Gorham: guitar
Brian Robertson: guitar
Brian Downey: drums

The Band: Europe - tracks 13-15

Phil Lynott: bass & vocals
Brian Downey: drums
Eric Bell: guitar

*** Special Note ***

See also Warriors On The Loose and Irish Dawn

Tracks 1-12 have also been circulating under the incorect name Los Angeles 1976

While I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, I provide it "as is" for your information only.

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