THIN LIZZY  Sessions 1975-1978

Sessions 1975 - 1978

Wild One (3:34)
Rosalie (3:14)
Suicide (5:16)
Half Caste (3:56)
Warriors (3:54)
Jailbreak (4:04)
Emerald (3:56)
Cowboy Song (5:13)
Johnny (4:20)
Fool's Gold (3:51)
Don't Believe A Word (2:44)
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed (3:32)
Don't Believe A Word (2:19)
Bad Reputation (2:45)
Killer Without A Cause (3:37)
Dancing In The Moonlight (3:21)
That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart (3:26)
Downtown Sundown (3:36)
Dancing In THe Moonlight (2:30)
Rosalie (3:08)

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