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November 26th 2009

Look at this recent purchase I made of (10 packages of)
BUDDIG Turkey slices -- smoked, sliced, chopped, pressed, cooked.
Purchased November 3rd 2009. Best before date 10 JA 03 (see photo).

On November 13th when I opened the 2nd of the 10 packages,
THIS is what I found as I opened the SEALED package.
I nearly puked. I had ALMOST put this on the bread this side down.
It still makes my stomach queasy just to think about it.

Recognize that this occurred almost 2 months BEFORE the 'best before' date. The product was
in my refrigerator within 15 minutes of purchase. The fridge is set at the default setting, which
according to the thermometer in the fridge keeps the fridge at 2C / 35.6F.

The next day (November 14th 2009) I decided to email the photo's to BUDDIG with my complaint.
Sadly, like so many company websites these days, they do NOT post an email address.
They do have a contact form you can complete, which I did, but it does not allow for attachments.

Having registered my written complaint, sans pictures, I received the acknowledgement
shown below, so I know they got it.

I would think that contaminated food should be one of their highest priorities to investigate. Apparently not!

I have no idea what they consider "shortly" (see below) but I have had absolutely NO RESPONSE to date!
Have they forgotten that not so long ago 22 Canadians died from eating contaminated cold meats from a competitor.

So much for Customer Service and Customer Safety.

Today, November 26th 2009 I finally heard from Buddig, by snail mail no less.
I guess that explains some of the delay in responding. But who would have expect that,
in response to an on-line complaint (via a form that requires your email address).

Bottom line: here's the critical part of what they said in their letter ...
"The incident you mentioned will be reported and any necessary corrective action will be taken".

OK, they DID respond and are apparently going to take action so that is all good.
But I do find their choice of words a bit less reassuring ...
i.e. "will be reported" rather than "has been reported".
And unless this is a common occurence, it is hard for me to imagine a thorough
investigation when they weren't interested in even seeing the photos I offered.

It seems to me that, in an economy where Customer Service should be
more important than ever, it has fallen by the wayside.

More and more I'm finding that companies seem to have little regard
for the Customer once the sale has been made.

To quote from the movie Network:
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore",
which is the reason for this website.

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