Funky Junction  FUNKY JUNCTION
(You could say: THIN LIZZY plus...)

Play a tribute to DEEP PURPLE

Made In Germany

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 Funky Junction

Black Night
Strange Kind of Woman

Rising Sun
Speed King

It was circa 1971 that the three members of Thin Lizzy, desperate for funds,
did some recordings with members of ELMER FUDD (later to shorten their name to FUDD).
They were given one day to rehearse and another to do the actual recordings, released
under the band name FUNKY JUNCTION.

Funky Junction was: Philip Lynott - bass, Brian Downey - drums, Eric Bell - guitar,
Benny White - vocals and Dave Lennox - keyboards. Primarily they did one album,
"FUNKY JUNCTION plays a tribute to DEEP PURPLE, although tracks from the session
did appear on two or three other albums, such as "
(predominantly a Thin Lizzy album).

Oddly enough, on the "Tribute to DEEP PURPLE" album only five of the nine tracks are Deep Purple songs,
(with the four others being credited to "Leo Muller", the German producer of the album.)

Photo courtesy of Benny White
Philip with Elmer Fudd and friends. This photo was taken somewhere in Galway in the early 1970's.
It was originally a b/w photo which was later colourized by Benny White's brother Joe.

Above, left to right they are Nicky Ryan, John Donnelly (EF's drummer), Phil Lynott,
Jody Pollard (EF's guitarist), Benny White (EF's vocalist), Pete (EF's Manager)
and Terry O'Neill (Thin Lizzy's manager).

Photo courtesy of Benny White

Left to right: Philip Donnelly, Benny White, Keith Mansfield, Jody Pollard, John Donnelly.

Photo courtesy of Benny White

See also the album released as
"Gladys Knight & The Pips --- Especially For You"
which features A band called FUNKY JUNCTION, but is
NOT THIS BAND. Click for MORE on that.

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