Funky Junction  Especially for you...
Gladys Knight and the Pips

with guests FUNKY JUNCTION

NOTE: this is NOT the same band as featured on
"FUNKY JUNCTION Plays A Tribute to Deep Purple.
(see below)

Made In England MER 394


Letter Full of Tears
You Broke Your Promise
Trust In You
Talking Trash ** -- Funky Junction


Every Beat Of My Heart
Room In Your Heart
Guess Who
Running Around
Road's End ** -- Funky Junction


In a conversation November 20th 2016 with BENNY WHITE
(lead vocalist on the "Funky Junction Plays A Tribute To Deep Purple" album,
which featured Phil Lynott, Brian Downey, Eric Bell, Dave Lennox and Benny White),
he confirmed for me that the Funky Junction on THIS album is NOT
the one he and Phil played in, despite the name ...

ME: Hi Benny. I know of your involvement with the Tribute to Deep Purple album you guys did. I always assumed that you were also involved in the two tracks on the Gladys Knight album as well. Just wondering if you can confirm this item I just came across, saying that the Funky Junction band on the so-called Gladys Knight & The Pips "Especially For You" album was NOT Lynott, Bell, Downey, White or Lennox ...

"Another album was released by Leo Muller in 1973 using the Funky Junction name, titled "Especially for You" credited to Gladys Knight & the Pips featuring Funky Junction, also on the Stereo Gold Award label. However, Gladys Knight & the Pips did not perform on the record, and the two tracks credited to Funky Junction, "Talking Trash" and "Road's End", were recorded by an entirely different band and did not involve Lynott, Bell, Downey, White or Lennox."

BENNY: Your right James..the only one we had involvement with was Deep Purple...nothing else. Muller also released the same album in some countries uder a different name..Rock Machine...or something like that. Same Lizzy involvement but not the same album name. As far as i know that was it. ..although it was the early 70s.

Both songs by "Funky Junction" are instrumental tracks.

See also: Tribute to Deep Purple and If Six Was Nine *** Special Note ***

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