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Rufous-backed ROBIN


Rufous-Backed ROBIN
 Rufous-backed ROBIN
Photo © Copyright 2009 James Taylor
An American Robin, for comparison
 American ROBIN
Photo © Copyright 2009 James Taylor

Rufous refers to brown-red or orange-red colouring. Often mistaken for an American Robin, the most obvious difference between the Rufous-backed Robin and the American Robin is the characteristic white crescents above and below the eyes of the American Robin, and the absence of them on the Rufous-backed Robin. You will also notice an orange/red wash in the colour of the back and wings of the Rufous-backed Robin, although it's frequently more pronounced than in the photo, possibly indicating that this is a female.

This Rufous-backed Robin was photographed in Southern Ontario, although the typical range would be Northern Mexico and the Southern United States. Their normal habitat is deciduous, semideciduous forest, forest edges, plantations, suburban areas and gardens, typical of the area where these photos were taken.

Rufous-backed ROBIN
 Rufous-backed ROBIN
Photo © Copyright 2009 James Taylor

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