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Now THIS is real Customer Service !!!


January 1st 2016

In mid-December 2015 I purchased a motion-sensor security light from Canadian Tire. My decision to pick the model I did was based on the product description on the box. Unfortunately I didn't find out till later that one key feature was not at all "as described". Had I known this at the time I would never have purchased it.

Specifically the product box said "duration of light from 5 sec to 8 min." In actual fact you have only 3 choices, none of them 5 seconds nor 8 minutes. The LONGEST setting is 3 minutes, definitely not long enough for my needs. The other two choices were 30 seconds and 1 minute. Since I had already paid someone to install the light before being able to discover the discrepancy, it was not an option to return it ... that would have entailed paying to have it uninstalled and paying for the replacement to be installed.

On December 15th I sent a complaint to their Customer Service people (using the form on their website) explaining my dissatisfaction. I got an autobot-answerback the same day, and on December 18th an email, this time explaining they were investigating this further and it was now in the hands of their Buying Office. On December 23rd I received a further email with a proposed resolution which I considered satisfactory and to which I agreed.

Congratulations Canadian Tire.

It seems to me that, in an economy where Customer Service should be
more important than ever, it has fallen by the wayside.

More and more I'm finding that companies seem to have little regard
for the Customer once the sale has been made.

To quote from the movie Network:
"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore",
which is the reason for this website.

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