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Toronto's Celebration of
the Music of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy

Celebrate PHIL'S BIRTHDAY at
the 9th Toronto Thin Lizzy Celebration which
will be Thursday August 25th 2011 at Toronto's
legendary Drake Underground!

It's Toronto's annual tribute to
the music of the one and only

"A Celebration of the music of
Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy"

Above photo © Copyright 2005 James Taylor

Monster Records proudly presents:


Celebrate the life and music of PHIL LYNOTT
at the 9th Toronto Thin Lizzy Celebration
Thursday August 25th 2011
at Toronto's legendary
Drake Underground!
1150 Queen St. W

For more info visit Monster Records

A message from Roger ...

Monster Records proudly presents:

Thursday August 19th, 2010!
at the incredible Drake Underground

 Celebration 2010

Monster Records proudly presents:

Toronto's *8th* Thin Lizzy Celebration
Thursday August 19th, 2010!
at the incredible Drake Underground
1150 Queen St. W

This year's show is dedicated to the loving memory of Dennis Keeley
& all proceeds will be donated to Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund.

**tickets on sale June 28th!**

In 1986 the world lost one of its finest songwriters. Here’s a little something to keep you from forgetting...

After taking a brief respite in 2009, the Toronto Thin Lizzy Celebration is back for its incredible eighth year! Once again, some of the finest musicians on the Canadian indie scene are coming together to celebrate and pay tribute to a true warrior poet, Philip Lynott. Since his untimely death in 1986, Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott has left a musical legacy that continues to influence and inspire musicians around the globe. Even the legendary Bob Dylan has been recently quoted singing Lizzy’s praises. Over the years, Lynott’s songs have been covered by an array of such diverse performers as Henry Rollins, The Corrs, Smashing Pumpkins, Randy Bachman, Huey Lewis, Metallica, The Cure and Canada’s own Emm Gryner (who performed at the 5th Annual Lizzy Celebration).

So here we are after 7 years... 82 separate performances from 37 different artists... 252 songs played... and ready for round eight!

One of the goals of the Toronto Thin Lizzy Celebration is to help highlight the amazing diversity in Lynott's music and in the vast array of artists his music has inspired. To this end, over the years the Celebration has played host to rock, country, punk, acoustic (guitars and pianos!), reggae, jazz, metal performances and even a seriously kick-ass Greek bouzouki band! This is something that sets the Toronto show apart from other similar events worldwide, in that it is not a night of tribute bands (not, however, that there's anything at all wrong with that...), but instead, a night of artists paying tribute. Every performer who's ever graced the TLC stage has worked their backsides off to learn the songs they've played (this, in most cases, on top of their already busy schedules). This is an act of love, plain and simple... a love of Phil's music and respect for his memory...

For the first four years, the proceeds from the event went to the Roisin Dubh Trust to help defray the enormous cost of erecting a statue of Phil Lynott in the heart of Dublin. 19 years after his untimely passing, this memorial in bronze was finally unveiled to a crowd of 6000 fans, on August 19th, 2005.

With the statue in place, subsequent show's proceeds have gone to such worthy causes as the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF) and the TOMA Foundation for Burned Children.

The proceeds of this year’s Toronto Thin Lizzy Celebration will be donated to Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund, with the show itself being dedicated in loving memory of Philomena Lynott’s long-time partner, Dennis Keeley.

This year’s show takes place on the eve of what would have been Phil Lynott’s 61st birthday. The show starts at 9pm sharp and will feature some of the finest acts on the Toronto indie scene.

This year’s line-up of is in the final stages of being locked in, but we look to be featuring close to a dozen diverse performances from some truly amazing talents.

Schedule permitting, we hope to once again have Phil Lynott’s mother, Philomena, pre-record an introduction for the event.

Tickets are only $15 in advance $20 at the door and
are available at Monster Records (416) 975-1829
(664 Yonge St. Toronto, 12pm-8pm Mon-Sat)
**tickets on sale June 28th**

For any questions, please contact Roger Costa (416) 975-1829
or email to and
check for up to date information.

Dennis with Philomena
Dennis Keeley with Philomena

Eighth ANNUAL postponed to 2010

A message from Roger ...

Seventh ANNUAL
July 25th 2008
at Sound Academy II

 Celebration 2008  Celebration 2008

A note from James (trcjt):
A number of people have asked why
I don't have pictures from this year's event.
Although I purchased tickets with every intention
of attending, at the critical moment
a medical emergency kept me from being
able to be there. Hence, no pictures.

A message from Roger ...

July 21st 2007

 Celebration 2007
Photo © Copyright 2007 James Taylor

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July 21st and July 22nd, 2006
at Healey's, Toronto

 Celebration 2006
Photo © Copyright 2006 James Taylor

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July 23rd, 2005
at Healey's, Toronto

 Celebration 2005
Photo © Copyright 2005 V. Watson

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August 7th, 2004
at Healey's, Toronto

Rog joins in ...
Above photos © Copyright 2004 James Taylor

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August 9th 2003
at Healey's, Toronto

 'AND MORE  ...
Above photos © Copyright 2003 V. Watson

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A Celebration of the music of
Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy
It all started:

August 17th 2002
at Healey's, Toronto

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