Bobby Tench BOBBY TENCH with Brian (Robbo) Robertson

7 inch single with Picture Sleeve
BUY 242
Believed to have been released in 1986

Still In Love With You


Heart Out Of Love

*** Special Note ***

This 1986 release is a tribute record and features Brian Robertson on guitar.

Recently Robbo's manager Sören Lindberg disclosed that it was actually recorded as a Robbo solo single, but due to various contractual problems it was released under the Bobby Tench banner. Recorded in 1982 with Wild Horses track "The Stash" recorded for the b-side...

In 1991 Bobby Tench was the leadsinger in the band An Evening With THIN LIZZY Music which featured:

Brian Downey
Brian (Robbo) Robertson
Doish Nagle (ex-Grand Slam)
Douglas Brockie

They did a small tour in Ireland only.

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