This page last updated April 15th 2006
I apologize for all those I've missed.
Here are some of the places we've had visitors from ....

  Wales   Hongkong  Italy  Taiwan  Kuwait
 Niger  Brazil  Indonesia  Brunei Darussalam  China
 Norway  Finland  Ireland  Belgium  Sweden
 Germany  Israel  Switzerland  Poland  Australia
 Spain  Netherlands  Japan  New Zealand  Denmark
 Canada  Greece  Lithuania  Austria  USA
 UK  Republic of Korea   France   Russian Federation   Malaysia
 Cyprus  Mexico  Estonia  Bahrain  Slovak Republic
 Bulgaria  Hungary  Latvia   Czech Republic  Portugal
  Iceland   Taiwan   Argentina   Slovania   Turkey
United Arab Emirates  Croatia  Singapore  Peru  Mozambique
 South Africa  Egypt  Luxembourg  Panama  Chile
 Philippines  Ukraine  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Scotland  Yugoslavia
 Pakistan  Romania  Thailand  Gibraltar  Oman
 Faroe Islands  Belarus  Qatar  Saudi  Malta
 Uruguay  Jordan  El Salvador  Venezuala  Niue Island
 Columbia  India  Dominican Republic  Macedonia  Costa Rica
 Lebanon  Cuba  Greenland  Trinidad & Tobago  Zimbabwe

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