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Can't Get Away
Note spelling on this release is "Can't Getaway".

Apparently the Phil Lyontt version of "Can't Get Away" was going to be included on Phil 's unreleased third solo album.

The version that Laurence used on his own solo album ‘LA Secrets’ (and the single released from that album) was musically the same as the Phil Lynott version that is in circulation, but Archer used a completely different set of lyrics. You'll see that on the scans above, from the single, both songs are credited as written (solely) by Laurence Archer.

You can probably find both versions on YouTube.

This track features Mark Stanway from Magnum on keyboards and Zak Starkey (the son of Ringo Starr) on drums!!

 LA - 1986

 LA - 1986

 Can't Get Away

 Shades of BLue

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Big thanks to Mark (Sweden) for providing me with the scans.

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