Wild One / The very Best of THIN LIZZY

1996 Mercury Records/Polygram/Vertigo
JASRAC PHCR-16009 made in Japan
DISK TWO issued only in Japan

DISK ONE - studio, * except as noted

The Boys Are Back In Town (4:22)
Jailbreak (3:59)
Don't Believe A Word (2:17)
Waiting For An Alibi (4:08) -- see notes on BLACK ROSE listing
Rosalie/Cowgirl Song (4:14) * live
Cold Sweat (3:06)
Thunder And Lightning (4:55)
Out In The Fields (with Gary Moore) 4:18
Dancin' In The Moonlight (3:22)
Parisienne Walkways (with Gary Moore) 3:20
Sarah (3:22) -- see notes on BLACK ROSE listing
Still In Love With You (7:46) * live
Emerald (4:01)
Bad Reputation (3:07)
Killer On The Loose (3:53)
China Town (4:41)
Do Anything You Want To (3:51)
The Rocker (2:40)
Whisky In The Jar (5:43)

DISK TWO - live

Bad Reputation (Toronto, Oct 28/77)
Opium Trail (Toronto, Oct 28/77)
Are You Ready? (Dublin, June 7th/80)
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts (Dublin, June 7th/80)
China Town (London, May 29th/80)
Got To Give It Up (Dublin, June 7th/80)
Emerald (Britain 1983)
Killer On The Loose (Britain 1983)
The Boys Are Back In Town (Britain 1983)
Hollywood (Britain 1983)


The version of Waiting On An Alibi features an additional verse not included in the original release of the song on the BLACK ROSE album.

Bad Reputation/Opium Trail/Are You Ready/Dear Miss Lonely Hearts from Live Killers (UK 1981)

Chinatown/Got To Give It Up from a promotional single (Australia 1980)

Emerald/Killer On The Loose/The Boys Are Back In Town/Hollwywood from the Thunder And Lightning bonus EP (UK 1983)

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