Previously Unreleased Live Album
'Still Dangerous'
Released In March 2009

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01. Soldier Of Fortune
02. Jailbreak
03. Cowboy Song
04. The Boys Are Back In Town
05. Dancing In The Moonlight
06. Massacre
07. Opium Trail
08. Don't Believe A Word
09. Baby Drives Me Crazy
10. Me & The Boys

THIN LIZZY's seminal double live album Live & Dangerous is consistently featured in polls as one of the greatest live albums of all time. Yet it is not really a live record at all as it features overdubs and post-production across the album.

March 2009 sees the release of "Still Dangerous", the real "Live & Dangerous"!

"Still Dangerous" is the raw, unadulterated, untouched sound of THIN LIZZY at the absolute height of its powers. Recorded on the band's sold-out 1977 "Bad Reputation" tour, "Still Dangerous" captures the classic quartet of Lynott, Downey, Gorham and Robertson on fire at the celebrated Tower Theatre in Philadelphia.

The album features tracks that never made the "Live & Dangerous" release and all cuts are previously unreleased. The album was mixed by the legendary Glyn Johns (THE ROLLING STONES, THE WHO, THE EAGLES, LED ZEPPELIN), with contributions from Scott Gorham and Brian Downey.

"Still Dangerous" is the definitive live statement from one of rock's most revered and enduring groups. The recordings that make up "Still Dangerous" were discovered by accident in an overlooked band lockup a happy accident for THIN LIZZY fans and music fans in general as it is set to become an essential addition to the legacy of one of rocks greatest ever acts. The album is fully endorsed by Phil Lynott's estate and the band.

"Still Dangerous" is the first release on the Thin Lizzy Productions label
(distributed by Proper Music Distribution).

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Thin Lizzy - Still Dangerous, 21 Mar 2009

By The Rocker

This review is from: Still Dangerous [VINYL]
Thin Lizzy - Still Dangerous

The independent website Thin Lizzy - A Rock Legend recently saw a huge increase in traffic anticipating the forthcoming release of 'Still Dangerous'.

The official press releases made this the most anticipated album in many years for the bands supporters, with promises of an album featuring the "raw, unadulterated, untouched sound of Thin Lizzy".

This read like a dream to Lizzy supporters especially given that the show intended for release was one of the legendary gigs from the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia in 1977. Many fans will know that those gigs were used as the backbone for Lizzy's classic album 'Live and Dangerous'. Finally this was the chance to quash all the tales of excessive overdubbing and re-recording.

However on first listening to 'Still Dangerous' fans were immediately struck by the lack of material, several expected tracks were missing and songs were clearly out of sequence.

Whilst not seeking to discourage people from buying what has to be an essential Lizzy album the members of Rock Legend voted overwhelmingly via a poll to express their desire to put the record straight regarding 'Still Dangerous'.

After painstakingly analysing the tracks and comparing them to the 'Live and Dangerous' album takes and the tracks recorded for The King Biscuit Flower Hour that feature on the Wolfgangs Vault website an astounding conclusion was reached.

'Still Dangerous' actually features material from two different gigs recorded at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia on the 20th and 21st of October 1977.

Below is a breakdown of the album track by track:

1. Soldier Of Fortune 21/10/77
2. Jailbreak 21/10/77
3. Cowboy Song 20/10/77 KBFH show. Same take as Live and Dangerous.
4. Boys Are Back In Town 20/10/77 KBFH show. Same take as Live and Dangerous
5. Dancing In The Moonlight 20/10/77 KBFH show. Sax solo cut at start and fix to start of guitar solo.
6. Massacre 20/10/77 KBFH show. Same take as Live and Dangerous.
7. Opium Trail 20/10/77 KBFH show. Same take as Killers Live EP.
8. Don't Believe A Word 21/10/77
9. Baby Drives Me Crazy 21/10/77
10. Me And The Boys 21/10/77

Bonus tracks only available as download outside of Japan:

11. Bad Reputation 20/10/77 KBFH show. Drum solo heavily edited, Scott Gorham's solo also edited. Same take as featured on the Killers Live EP.
12. Emerald 21/10/77 Same take as Live and Dangerous.

With promises of further releases from the archives it is hoped that Thin Lizzy Productions Ltd will take on board the issues raised over 'Still Dangerous'. There's real enthusiasm, passion and knowledge amongst Lizzy supporters, the opportunity to involve those supporters in future should not be overlooked.

We feel sure that Thin Lizzy Productions Ltd want to release albums to be proud of and that will stand the test of time, albums on a par with 'Live and Dangerous', albums that will continue the legacy of the rock legend that was Philip Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy. We want to help them achieve that aim.

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If you know of any errors or omissions please contact me via e-mail.

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