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Volume II

The Man and his Music, Vol. II

The Sun Goes Down

Nightlife N-002

Halfcaste (B-side of Rosalie, 1974)
(BBC In Concert session, 1975)
She Knows
It's Only Money
Still In Love With You
Showdown *
Rock N Roll With You
Baby Baby Baby *
Baby Drives Me Crazy (cover says: Sha La La)

Me And The Boys (B-side of Rosalie/Cow Girl's Song, 1978)
With Love (from the Jailbreak album)
Just The Two Of Us (second single from Black Rose** album)
Dublin -- (early) Thin Lizzy (beefed up by Philip Lynott/Midge Ure, 1979/80)
Don't Play Around -- Thin Lizzy (from 7 inch Killer On The Loose)
Trouble Boys -- Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Memory Pain)
Memory Pain -- Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Trouble Boys)
Angel Of Death -- Thin Lizzy (1981Hammersmith, bonus track on Cold Sweat, 1983)
The Sun Goes Down -- Thin Lizzy (extended version bonus track on single)


* Tracks 5 and 7 are not listed on the CD sleeve.

** Although the details are not readily available, it is reported that the Black Rose album as we know it today is not the original release. Apparently at some point after being released, it was withdrawn and some tracks were removed and others added before it was reissued. Just The Two Of Us, released on a single, was apparently one of the cuts from the original release of the album.

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