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Volume 1

The Man and his Music, Vol. I

The Early Years

Nightlife N-001

Dublin -- PHILIP LYNOTT (1980 BBC session, spoken)
New Faces, Old Places -- SKID ROW (B-side, debut single, 1969)
The Farmer (Lynott) -- THIN LIZZY's debut single
I Need You (John D'ardis) -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Farmer)
Spotlight Magazine: Greetings
Broken Dreams -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of Randolph's Tango)
A Ride In The Lizzymobile -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Rocker in Germany)
Here I Go Again -- THIN LIZZY (B-side of The Rocker elsewhere)
The Rocker -- THIN LIZZY
Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm -- THIN LIZZY
Slow Blues -- THIN LIZZY
Gonna Creep Up On You -- THIN LIZZY
Suicide -- THIN LIZZY (BBC...original lyrics)
Little Darling -- THIN LIZZY (Capital radio station version from acetate)
A Song For Jimmy -- THIN LIZZY (1980 "reunion" in memory of Jimi Hendrix)


Song for Jimmy is Philip Lynott's tribute to the late JIMI HENDRIX, originally available on orange flexi-disk included with the Magazine FLEXIPOP MAGAZINE #010 under the title A Song For Jimmy and features Philip Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell, in a special 1980 reunion of the original version of Thin Lizzy.

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