The first cover band of Thin Lizzy in Brazil.

The Lizzy Sessions Band was formed out of ashes of a band called Cihen, from Niterói (Rio de Janeiro).

The common goal was to improve the Thin Lizzy Sessions, an event that is growing stronger every year in which that it's released. The band plays some of Lizzy's classics.

The Thin Lizzy Sessions 4 was the first show of Lizzy Sessions Band, and was the beginning of another sucessful tribute to the loving memory of Philip Parris Lynott.

 the BAND -- 4
Lizzy Sessions Band 4

The Sessions 4 band was:
Marcos Rufino: Vocals
Eduardo Soares: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Marcelo Val: Bass
Kleber Marcelino: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Felipe Octávio: Drums

 the BAND -- 5
Lizzy Sessions Band 5

UPDATE: March 2002.

 the BAND -- 6
Lizzy Sessions Band 6

News from Lizzy Sessions Band 6:
Drummer Felipe Octavio and bass player Marcelo Val have left the band.
The others members; Marcos Rufino (vocal)
and Kleber Marcelino (lead guitar)
plus the new member, bassist Leandro Siqueira
played a wonderful acoustic set of Lizzy Songs for SESSIONS 6, December 2001.

UPDATE: June 15th, 2003

December 14th, 2002 -- Sessions 7

 Sessions Band - 7

Lizzy Sessions Band 7 featured a new member, the vocalist Leandro 'Goat'.
Joining the other members members, Marcos Rufino (vocal)
and Kleber Marcelino (lead guitar)
plus Leandro Siqueira (bass),
they played a very nice acoustic concert December 2002.

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