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Their very under-rated first album
With Jack Nitzsche and Nils Lofgren

single VINYL 12 inch LP

Includes the original Danny Whitten song
"I Don't Want To Talk About It" later made famous by
Rod Stewart and others.

 Crazy Horse

 Crazy Horse

Side 1

01. Gone Dead Train
02. Dance, Dance, Dance
03. Look At All The Things
04. Beggars Day
05. I Don't Want To Talk About It

Side 2

01. Downtown (Danny Whitten / Neil Young)
02. Carolay
03. Dirty, Dirty
04. Nobody
05. I'll Get By
06. Crow Jane Lady

Excellent condition except
deletion hole in cover.

single VINYL 12 inch LP
Catalog number: Warner Bros Canada - Reprise 6438
Released: 1971

Made in Canada

Item Number: PSMCRAZY4862

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