THIN LIZZY Extended Versions -- the Encore Collection

THIN LIZZY featuring:
Scott Gorham and John Sykes


BMG/CMC International
all tracks © 2000

EXTENDED VERSIONS -- The Encore Collection

the boys are back in town (5:11)
don't believe a word (2:38)
cold sweat (3:30)
jailbreak (5:00)
waiting for an alibi (3:42)
are you ready? (3:10)
bad reputation (3:46)
cowboy song (5:41)
still in love with you (8:46)
the sun goes down (7:46)


The Band:

Other than Gorham and Sykes there are no credits as to band members, but the cover photo is the same one used on ONE NIGHT ONLY! from 1999 (also issued by this label).

Although this claims to be "extended versions" these are LIVE tracks circa 1999-2000 and do not feature Philip Lynott. They are also some of the shortest extended versions of songs I've ever seen.


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