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Well I've got these thoughts runnin' round inside my head
Like how Philip's gone and he left some things unsaid
The boys are back in town, to do what they can do
Beer and a sandwich are food for thought
And now those thoughts include you

To me it all makes sense
But I can't find words that do
So I wrote this song to help you understand
And I dedicate it to you

Well I've got these thoughts in my head both night and day
Like, I think I thought you said, oh what did you say?
"You're either feeling better, or worse, but which I'm just not sure
I don't know what it is that you've got but I know that music's the cure".


Well I've got these thoughts runnnin' round inside my brain
Thank God for friends, or life would be insane
I thank Him for the music and the time with you
It's never enough but it's gotta do
Can't they understand what it's all about
We're just friend helping friend get through


Well I've got these thoughts in my head both day and night
But when I jot them down I just can't seem to "write quite right"
I know you've helped me make it through thick and thin
And I never could explain
And even now I can't put into words why we're going down that road again


Copyright © 1991 JAY-ME Music

Words and music written by James Taylor


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