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Date: Jul 14, 2007 5:36 PM
From: Sarah Philomena Tracy

I wrote this for this for Phil and his mother saw it and wrote to the publisher to say thanks to the woman who wrote! Wow.......I was so happy she read it.......I loved Phil to bits. When he died I listened to his song Sarah all day long and the last time I played it that day I turned it up, full volume, and right at the end heard my full name........Sarah felt like a goodbye from Phil.

An Ode To Phil

His voice was soft, so beautifully rare
Drenched with the lilt of Dublin's air
With skin like gold and a curl hanging down
O'er a twinkling eye of smouldering brown
An ever-lasting star of original class
Burning brightly among the ordinary mass
Ignited by tales of those brave and true
He engraved such a time for me and you
When he'd smile or wink, it was really an art
A mischievious way of melting your heart
Or he'd shine a light to capture your eyes
Just to let you know you're one of the boys
Though his songs were many, there are still too few
And the world is bereft of a beautious view
Let us not forget our one son of gold
Who paid tribute to Ireland's brave men of old

Written by Sarah Philomena Tracy

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International copyright laws

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