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Fatalistic Attitude

Betty was a loser
And everyone that used her
Would let her take the blame
And if she dare refused
And if she dare resist
All suggestions that she made were quickly dismissed
'til in the end in despair
She threw her hands up in the air
She'd slit her wrists
Crying nobody cares
Believing that by dying she would not be missed

They found her on the stairs
She was shot down in flames
If you take no prisoners
If you take no names

Now just between you and me
I think that's very brave
That's really facing the reality
But it's not face that were trying to save

Johnny's turning viscous
If only someone could ease the strain
He says he going crazy
If only someone could ease the pain
The doctor says it serious
The doctor says you must insist
If this boy keeps going on like this
I'm sure he'll end up delirious
May I say it plain
This poor boy is going insane

To be continued on...

Now just between you and me
I think that's very brave
The law is reality


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