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Don't Let Him Slip Away
Version 2 (Philip Lynott, The Man & His Music Volume 4) -- 8:17
(Lynott ?)

For a completely different set of lyrics
see also "Don't Let It Slip Away" Version 1.

See also what I refer to as Version 3, also known as THE PABLO MIX

See also what I refer to as Version 4, ALMOST the same as Version 2

You should have seen it
How they tore him down
Lined him up against the wall
And they shot his body down
You would not believe it
There were tears in his eye
His heart was broken
They would not listen
All was well
He has gone now
You should have seen it
There was nothing there
Just an empty shell
I would not believe that
This would pass
He is gone now, alas
He is gone now, alas
He is gone now

And like the soldier he's born to fight
He sees the wisdom of the ways of might
He knows he has to seek another word
For the brave are the lovers of the words he heard
And like the Angel
Into the night
His heart is broken
He knows he fights
He's sees the way
To lead them onward to another fire
He lives in legends
You see him now
He's silver tongued and knows it now
And the words of wisdom
He knows them well
He calls it all a cause to rebel
And like the demon that knows us all
He fights the fight
He fights to fall
And though he goes he knows
He lives way out in the fire
Don't let him slip away
Don't let him slip away
There is a demon in his eye
And he know that he has to, ya, oh ya
Don't let him slip away
Don't let it slip away
Like a heart and a soul in the dungeons
He knows he got away
'N like a demon he knows he lives within the fire
'N like a demon he knows he lives within the fire

They wouldn't listen
You should have seen it
How they tore him down
He was a bright spirit
Burned down
They would not listen
Just to see it pass
You would not believe it
Oh no, alas
I wish I'd seen them
And told them now
I get so broke up
I get so broke up

They would not listen
To a word he said
And now he plays the blues ...
into the fire
Like a demon he's into the fire

A broken champion
Lost his parade
He's told them. He's broken
He's captured. He knows it
He sees it's all in vain
He's a champion
He's got some fear
And like the King in the story
Of the King and the glory, I feel
The killer's on the side street
There was not a drop of glee
Now's a killer on the highway
And I think I'm insane
They say there is no reason
To smile in the tears
She jumps out the back door
Says "Oh my God it's him"
He calls to the innocent
Have mercy, mercy on me
Then the guilty come in
And let him free

He rises to the ocassion
I got it. I got right
A transgression
I should try to warn him
It's an institution out there
Society is broke down
Nobody cares
They do not listen

To fools like us
In God and Country
They trust that

Like the freedom fighters of old
They are broken
Like the wicked wanted
Left spoken
Like the houses after the war
They are broken
Crazy. Crazy
This from you

The wicked are wanted
The hungry are daunted
Children are flaunted
And I go undaunted


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from the album PHILIP LYNOTT: THE MAN AND HIS MUSIC - Volume 4