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A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer

In the old days
I could sing the blues
I had nothin' to live for
And nothin' to lose
And all the time
I was paying my dues
Like an old blues singer

And I had no troubles then
But I had lots of friends
Friends they come and go
And sometimes friendship ends
All the time, I've had a friend on whom I depend
So blues singer

Oh mama, mama, mama, this is your boy
Oh mama, mama, mama, mama, my soul's been destroyed
Oh mama, mama, your pride and joy
Is a blues singer
An old blues singer

And the party's over now
Everybody's goin' home
The band is packin' up
And I'm on my own
Oh, but I miss you now you're gone
Mama, your boy's a blues singer
Such an old blues singer

Nothin, oh but nothin's changed
Oh sometimes you win sometimes you lose
I lost ya mama
I lost ya mama

In the old days
I could sing the blues
Had nothin' to live for
And nothin' to lose
But all the time
You must chose
I'm an old blues singer


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