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The Beat Of The Drum

Oooooh. Oooooh. Oooooh.
Joey he's a loaner
He sits there on his own
They've got him locked in a cell
Oh mama mama mama
They don't treat your boy well
Joey says something must be done
They're gonna blow your boy to kingdom come
To the beat of the drum. The beat of the drum

Joey's got the blues 'cause he's just read the news
'Bout his bad woman again
I don't think it's a rumour
I presume, she was messin' around on him
Joey did something wrong
They're gonna blow that cat to kingdom come
To the beat of the drum. The beat of the drum

Now Joey's got the blues 'cause he just heard the news
That he's not gonna get a second chance
He's been spending his time in prison
How he's goin' for his last dance
They're gonna blow him away to kingdom come
'Cause he done done her wrong
To the beat of the drum.


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