European Tour 2003 Counting Crows

Heineken Music Hall

Culled from the 2003 Counting Crows European Tour

1. Rain King
2. Richard Manuel Is Dead
3. Catapult
4. Goodnight LA
5. Four White Stallions
6. Omaha
7. Mami
8. Hazy
9. Good Time
10. St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream
11. Perfect Blue Buildings
12. Hanginaround
13. Goodnight Elisabeth
14. Hard Candy
15. Holiday In Spain

Counting Crows has joined the trend of releasing your own bootlegs, made common by Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam, with this 15 track collection culled from the 2003 Crows European tour in support of the Hard Candy album. This is essentially a record for the true fans of the band, the ones who prefer Perfect Blue Buildings to Mr. Jones, the ones who appreciate the subtlety of Holiday in Spain, the ones who know the words to Richard Manuel is Dead. This is not a commercial album by any means, but can be a decent addition to your collection.

Sound quality is quite good for a live recording, the band is tight, and Duritz sounds less strained than he does when I have seen him live. The track selection delves heavily into Hard Candy tracks, which is logical considering this was the Hard Candy promo tour they were on at the time. A few classic tracks are thrown in like Omaha and Goodnight Elizabeth and Perfect Blue Buildings. Each song is performed quite well, Miami sounds especially good as does Richard Manuel Is Dead. Though there are some tracks I would have liked to hear, especially A Long December, I can't be too disappointed considering this was a fairly stealthy release with no massive publicity blitz. This was one released for the fans, not the hook hungry, rabid masses looking for the next commercial sensation. Overall this is a pleasing, relaxing album that makes for nice background music. I consider it a bonus until an album of new material comes out. Recommended for the serious Crows fan...

A.G. Corwin St Louis, MO

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