THIN LIZZY  Dave Fanning Easter 1980 Interview

Dave Fanning's
Easter Interview 1980

Broadcast: 05-01-96

Disk 1

Ad for Wild One
Solo In Soho
On Snowy
Look At What The Wind Blew In
Early Days
Getting a new deal
Gonna Creep Up On You
On Fighting
King's Vengence
1st Solo Album
King's Call
On Jailbreak, Johnny The Fox, Bad Reputation
On the 70's Music Scene

Disk 2

Jailbreak (Live & Dangerous version)
Tennessee Stud (RTE Session 1980)
Touring with Brian
Temporary Line-Up
Rosalie (Live & Dangerous version)
Success in the States
Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac)
On Ritchie Blackmore and touring Ireland
Get Out Of Here
Trouble Boys (Dave Edmunds)
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Ghetto Woman (Ken's Club)

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