THIN LIZZY Version 1
 Madrid Spain -- March 9th 1982  Version 2
 Madrid Spain -- March 9th 1982


Madrid Spain

March 9th 1982

Volume 3 (Version 1, above) of this series contains the following tracks, on TWO disks.

angel of death
waiting for an alibi
got to give it up
don't believe a word
killer on the loose
cowboy song
the boys are back in town
bad reputation
baby drives me crazy
keep on rockin' (elvis)
are you ready?

Notice on the back cover of Version 2 (see below) that SCOTT GORHAM was absent from this concert.

Scott suffered from exhaustion during this tour and dropped out part way through.

The rest of the band completed the balance of the tour without him, including this concert. Definitely a different sounding Thin Lizzy!

 Renegade Tour  

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