September 25th, 2000.

According to information available to me this project has been cancelled.

Of the 5 albums announced for release in 1998, only the 4 CD set
is apparently still in progress, although I know of no currently proposed
release date.

December 9th, 1999.

Although this project has apparently been on hold for some time now,
there is reason to believe that it is now getting back on track and that
perhaps we will see this released within a few months.

At this point it is unclear whether the album will be taken from studio outakes
or from live radio broadcast tapes as mentioned earlier.

More info as soon as it is available.

January 18th, 1998
This message from the OFFICIAL THIN LIZZY WEB PAGES:
The Grand Slam release is to be the BBC recording from the
Paris Theatre. I know it has been bootlegged but the quality of
this release should be better.

January 7th 1998
received word from Chris O'Donnell/Thin Lizzy Management office
that 1998 will see five new THIN LIZZY-related albums released,
including (due to public demand) an official GRAND SLAM album.

*** Special Note ***

While I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of
this information, I provide it "as is" for your information only.

If you know of any errors or omissions please contact me via e-mail.

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